Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Why Do I Have A Blog? -A Reply To Criticism

Why do I have a blog?  Does that sound like a silly question to ask?  Well when I first began my blog, it was because of being inspired by a friend who had a blog and the realization that it was a good way to document all the happenings in my family and projects that I had been working on.  That was six years ago.  Over the course of time my blog evolved into much more then what it had started out.  I blog now because I know that there are others out there who feel and experience a lot of the same things that I do.  I know I don't handle every situation exactly perfectly.  That's another reason I blog, to show I'm human and make mistakes.  But I also have a lot of hope and faith in my Savior.  It is because I love Him that I share with others how he has strengthened and uplifted me. Yes I do still have my projects that I share, but in the age of pinterest, what keeps me blogging are my experiences.  

I have occasionally been met with criticism by people who do not see things the way I do.  That's fine.  We all have our own opinions.  That's one of the wonderful blessings that come from being a part of this country and having the gift of agency.  In this past year however, criticism of me as a person and what I write, has increased in volume, vulgarity and harshness.  Lucky for me, I have comment moderator and a site meter. Through these tools, I have a pretty good idea of where some of the harshest comments have come from.  However, it doesn't matter where they come from.  The comments are designed to stir up anger in me and to discourage me.  Well, instead of anger I feel sad for the people who leave the harsh comments.  Instead of being discouraged, I will choose rather to stay the course.  I must be doing something good if I am being met with so much opposition.  So, I will continue to talk about motherhood even though I know that there are some out there who haven't yet had the opportunity to be a mother.  I will continue to talk about the beauty of nature, even though I know some are blind and can not see it.  I will continue to talk about my faith and my love for Jesus Christ, even though I know some of you do not believe in him.  But most of all, I will continue to be who I am, a flawed person, who through faith, is trying to be the best they can be.


  1. Good for you, Nichole. Sorry you've been the recipient of unkindness. You're right; it is sad for them. You are so talented and have great perspective and a strong testimony. I am inspired by you and I know others are, too! (namely Wendy Kellogg) :)

  2. I'm sorry you have experienced criticism. I like your blog - I wish you would post MORE! :)


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